You´re it!

So I have been tagged recently, and if I get the modified rules right I shall nominate for people who I ask eleven questions. My nominees are:





So here are my questions:

1) What was the best decision you´ve ever made?

2) Where do you hope to see yourself in ten years?

3) Free association question: Write a paragraph about the first thing that comes to your mind!

4) Describe the day of your dreams!

5) Do you find it easy to “just be yourself”?

6) Where do you want to live when you´re old?

7) If you could be the protagonist of any story, what story would that be?

8) Would you describe yourself as a fighter?

9) Do you follow sports? Do you have favourite team/club?

10) Do you feel you have a good idea of who you are?

11) How important is your blog to you?

Have fun, I´m looking forward to your answers!


2 Responses to “You´re it!”

  1. Will post my answers shortly.

  2. Oh… I’m socailizing YAY!! Ok.. I’ll answer them right now.

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